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This page collects together any pages relating to Tools for use with TEI resources. Any wiki pages which include [[Category:Tools]] will appear here.

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Please help us document tools available for using TEI! It's easy:

  • Log in (Create a user account for this WIKI if you have not done so.)
  • Add a new page. To do this, add the name of the new page to the URL in your browser's address bar after index.php/ .For example, if you wish to create a new page called "ApacheCocoon", just edit the URL in your web browser's address bar to look like this:
  • Assuming no one else has made a page with the name you chose, you will be brought to a blank page. Click the edit button and do the following:
    • Copy and paste this code to help structure the page.
    • Wrap any non-wiki content (scripts, code, command-line setup instructions, etc.) in <nowiki><pre> .... </pre></nowiki> tags
    • Preview and then Save your page and you are finished. You can go back and edit at any time.
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