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The sourceforge ticket for this is

Attributes without an example in their elementSpec OR classSpec

Attributes with suggested values are not included.

List generated 2012-12-21T07:56:57.538-08:00

If you have a good example of any of these attributes that you'd like use to include in the guidelines, then 'claim' the attribute here, edit the Guidelines if you have access and mark as completed when it is done. If you don't have access to edit the Guidelines you may email council at or post to the BUG listed above.

# Att name Defined in Assigned to Completed Priority (High, Medium, Low)
1 absolute when Low
2 age personGrp MH 2013-01-25
3 ana Medium
4 atLeast att.ranging BB 2013-10-16
5 atMost att.ranging BB 2013-10-16
6 baseTypes fsDecl Low
7 cRef att.cReferencing High
8 cert att.responsibility MH 2013-01-25
9 change High
10 class msContents Low
11 cols att.tableDecoration pfs Medium
12 confidence att.ranging Medium
13 contemporary seal Medium
14 copyOf High
15 datingMethod att.datable.custom MH 2013-01-25
16 datingPoint att.datable.custom Medium
17 decls att.declaring Low
18 defective​Excerpt
19 degree att.damaged Medium
20 docLang schemaSpec Low
21 domains Low
22 dur att.duration.w3c Low but I think the example in is mistaken. Unfortunately, the spam filter won't allow the naughty text here so I can't reproduce or correct it.
23 dur-iso att.duration.iso Low
24 encoding binaryObject Low
25 end att.timed High (same, I presume, as @start). There are examples embedded in 8.4.1, though.
26 except moduleRef Low
27 exclude Low
28 expand att.lexicographic High
29 fVal f Low
30 facs Medium
31 feats fs Low
32 filter equiv Low
33 flipping surface Low
34 follow leaf Low
35 form quotation Deprecated
36 from att.datable.w3c BB 2013-10-16
37 from app Medium
38 from-custom att.datable.custom MH 2013-01-26
39 from-iso att.datable.iso High
40 function att.segLike Low
41 gradual writing Low
42 group att.damaged High, I guess, though if I had a time machine I'd destroy this attribute name
43 hand att.damaged Medium. Shouldn't all these instances of @hand--except maybe the one in att.textCritical--be consolidated into one definition, presumably in att.transcriptional all be defined in the same place, though?
44 hand att.transcriptional Low
45 hand gap Low
46 hand unclear Low
47 hand att.textCritical Low
48 height graphic Low. I'm not sure why @width isn't in this list, though--I don't see an example for it, either.
49 height binaryObject via Low
50 ident att.identified Low
51 inst att.interpLike High
52 instant att.editLike Low
53 key classRef Low
54 key macroRef Low
55 level sense Medium
56 loc app High
57 location att.lexicographic Medium
58 lrx att.coordinated Low
59 lry att.coordinated Low
60 matchPattern att.patternReplacement High
61 max att.ranging Low
62 max memberOf Low
63 medium att.handFeatures Low
64 mergedIn att.lexicographic Low
65 met att.metrical Medium
66 min att.ranging Low
67 min memberOf Low
68 module att.identified Low. Suggest revising definition from "supplies a name for the module in which this object is to be declared." to "supplies a name for the TEI module in which this object is to be declared."
69 new handShift Low; may be renamed in a future release
70 next Low
71 notAfter-custom att.datable.custom Low
72 notAfter-iso att.datable.iso Low
73 notBefore-custom att.datable.custom Low
74 notBefore-iso att.datable.iso Low
75 notation pron MH 2013-01-30 Done
76 ns attDef Low
77 ns att.namespaceable Low
78 nymRef att.naming Low
79 opt att.lexicographic Low
80 optional fDecl Low. Suggest changing definition from "indicates whether or not the value of this feature may be present." to "indicates whether or not the value of this feature may be omitted."
81 ord root Low
82 ord iNode Low
83 orig att.lexicographic Medium
84 parts nym Low
85 perf tech Low
86 period att.datable Low
87 pre pc If the definition for the attribute is clarified, this will be a Medium priority for an example. But as it stands, the definition + datatype is confusing. The definition reads: "indicates whether this punctuation mark precedes or follows the unit it delimits." The datatype is data.truthvalue. Does this mean, a value of 1 (true) indicates that the punctuation character precedes, and 0 (false) indicates that it does not precede, and therefore follows? Suggest that the definition be revised to simply read: "indicates whether this punctuation mark precedes the unit it delimits."
88 precision att.dimensions Low
89 predeclare att.identified Low
90 prefix moduleRef High
91 prefix elementSpec High
92 prev Low
93 quantity att.dimensions BB Low
94 real att.metrical Medium
95 ref att.canonical Low
96 replacementPattern att.patternReplacement Low
97 resp att.responsibility BB Low
98 resp space Low
99 rhyme att.metrical Medium
100 role att.naming Low
101 role org Medium
102 rotate zone Low
103 rows att.tableDecoration pfs Low
104 sameAs Low
105 scale graphic Via Low
106 scale binaryObject Via Low
107 scheme catRef Low
108 scheme locus Low
109 scheme locusGrp Low
110 scribe att.handFeatures Low
111 scribeRef att.handFeatures Low
112 script att.handFeatures Low
113 scriptRef att.handFeatures Low
114 select Medium
115 seq att.transcriptional Low
116 social distinct Low--as long as "distatically" is known terminology in the field. Could not find a definition for it that made sense in this context.
117 sort att.personal Medium
118 source att.editLike Low
119 source att.readFrom HIgh
120 source writing gets @source via att.source. Low.
121 space distinct Low
122 spanTo att.spanning BB Medium
123 split att.lexicographic Medium
124 start att.timed High
125 start att.coordinated High
126 stdDeviation precision Low
127 subtype att.typed pfs Medium
128 subtype abbr title gets @subtype via @att.typed. See No. 127
129 subtype title gets @subtype via @att.typed. See No. 127
130 synch High
131 targFunc High
132 target change Low
133 target relatedItem Low
134 targetEnd note High for clarity, but low because no longer recommended practice
135 targetLang schemaSpec Low
136 targets link Deprecated
137 targets join Deprecated
138 targets alt Deprecated
139 time distinct High
140 to att.datable.w3c BB 2013-10-16 Done
141 to app High
142 to-custom att.datable.custom MH 2013-01-26 (included in example of @from-custom) Done
143 to-iso att.datable.iso Low
144 type sound Medium
145 ulx att.coordinated Low
146 uly att.coordinated Low
147 unit pc High
148 url moduleRef Low
149 value att.lexicographic High
150 value node Low
151 value root Low
152 value iNode Low
153 value leaf Low
154 value eTree Low
155 value triangle Low
156 varSeq att.textCritical High
157 version unicodeName Medium
158 versionDate att.translatable Low
159 when d
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