Bylaws Amendments for 2016

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In response to the difficulties in managing the TEI-C administrative functions (also referred to as "back-office work"), the TEI-C Board considered several proposals from completely outsourcing this work to a mixture of outsourcing (accounting, especially) and in-house support. At the Lyon Board meeting in November of 2015, the Board finally decided, after carefully weighing of all the options, to adopt a combined effort of outsourced and in-house administrative work to minimize costs for the TEI-C. However, it became clear that current Board member Offices (roles) needed to be reconsidered and amended to properly support this work. Below are draft revisions to the TEI-C Bylaws for review and refinement by the TEI-C Board that attempt to more clearly delineate roles and responsibilities for the Board in order to better manage the administrative overhead of the TEI-C. Once the Board finalizes these amendments, they will be sent out to TEI-C members for voting.

For more information about issues concerning administrative functions and overhead and revised roles, consult the Lyon meeting minutes.

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