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FontoXML is a super intuitive web-based XML. A special FontoXML TEI-edition is available for organizations working with TEI. See also:


FontoXML enables every expert to produce structured and rich content even with no knowledge of XML and/or TEI.

  • Javascript-based XML editor, no plug-in required
  • Direct editing in XML source, through HTML preview
  • Real-time schema validation
  • Copy & Paste
  • Spell check
  • Real-time link validation
  • Metadata suggestion
  • Entity extraction

See also:

System requirements

Web-based. Users will get the best performance in Chrome as this is the best-performing browser in terms of rendering JavaScript. However, Firefox, Safari and IE are also supported.

Source code and licensing

Closed source. Annual license fee for named users: $339/€249.

Support for TEI

A TEI edition is available. Implementing FontoXML successfully usually requires some customization based on a thorough understanding of the specific situation.


Text can be written in most modern languages, including Latin, right-to-left languages like Arabic, and non-Latin languages like Cyrillic & Asian character based languages. Some ancient languages might also be supported. FontoXML supports characters from full Unicode spectrum.

FontoXML is Javascript-based.

Tech support

A service level agreement covers response times, issue management and end-user support.

Current version number and date of release

2.1 (December 2013)

Additional notes

According to a message on TEI-L in September 2014, FontoXML currently supports XSD but not RELAX NG.

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