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The working group on genetic editions is part of the TEI special interest group on manuscript SIG:MSS.

Regular participants:

  • Hilde Bøe
  • Lou Burnard
  • Fotis Jannidis*
  • Gregor Middell
  • Elena Pierazzo
  • Malte Rehbein
  • Moritz Wissenbach

With contributions by: Paolo d'Iorio, James Cummings, Federico Meschini, Sebastian Rahtz and many others. Special thanks also to those who participated in the meeting Paris 2009 for their input.





Workshop "Genetic Editions in a Digital Framework", Paris, 14/15 May 2009 -> Programme ->Report

Workshop during the TEI-meeting 2008 in London -> minutes London 2008

Task Force meeting at Kings College London on 12./13. March 2009 -> minutes London 03-2009

Working Group meeting in Wuerzburg on 25./26. Sept. 2009

Working Group meeting in Oxford on 25./26. Feb. 2010 minutes Oxford 02-2010

Useful Resources

Literature on genetic editions

  • Gabler, Hans Walter
    • "Das wissenschaftliche Edieren als Funktion der Dokumente." Published at:; and in: Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 8 (2007), 55-62.
    • "The Primacy of the Document in Editing." Ecdotica 4 (2007), 197-207. download it from here
    • "La prééminence du document dans l’édition." In: Françoise Leriche et Cécile Maynard (eds.), De l'hypertexte au manuscrit. L'apport et les limites du numérique pour l'édition et la valorisation de manuscrits littéraires modernes. (Recherches & Travaux, no. 72.) Grenoble: ELLUG, 2008, pp. it from here

Older Version of the draft in the wiki

  1. Introduction
  2. Textual alterations
  3. Time
  4. Grouping changes
  5. A coordinate system for relation of different witnesses
  6. Justification and discussion of editorial decisions
  7. Uncertainty
  8. Examples
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