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Authoring articles for the Journal of the TEI

Beginning with release 2.8.0 of TEI P5, release 7.34.0 of the TEI Stylesheets package, and release 2.8.0 of the TEI Plugin for the Oxygen XML Editor, the TEI system now contains some helpful tools for creating articles in XML format for submission to jTEI. Full documentation for this customization is available on the TEI website.

Using the Oxygen XML Editor

If you are using Oxygen 16.2 or above, or if you have subscribed to the auto-updating framework for TEI, you can use the JTEI template and schemas to create an article. Click on File / New, scroll down to Framework templates / TEI P5, and you'll see jTEI Article is one of the options. Create a file with this template.

The resulting file has three key features: it has special Author Mode CSS, which enables you to view and edit the file in a slightly more user-friendly format as well as the plain text form with XML tags; it validates automatically against the jTEI schema, a highly-constrained schema designed only for creating journal articles; and it provides a transformation scenario to generate an Open Document Text (ODT) file you can use for proofing purposes.

Full documentation for the jTEI customization is available at the TEI website.

Using another editor

If you are using a different editor, you can download the latest version of the jTEI Schema in various formats from the TEI Customization page. Full documentation is also available. You can get a basic document template from the TEI's SourceForge repository. When linking your document to a schema, note that the schema also includes many Schematron rules, which will usually require a second validation step.

Writing your article

The schema and documentation will help you with the technical aspects of authoring your article in jTEI format, but for more detailed information on the required house style, see the Author Guidelines on the journal submission site.

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