List of attributes suggested to include in BPG, and those excluded

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BPG is an acronym for Best Practices Guide and refers to Best Practices for TEI in Libraries


List of all attributes that appear in the BPG document as of June 2, 2010

In alphabetic order:

  • anchored
  • ed
  • facs
  • gi
  • hand
  • key
  • level
  • n
  • notAfter
  • notBefore
  • place
  • reason
  • ref
  • rend
  • rendition
  • scale
  • type
  • unit
  • url
  • xml:id
  • xml:lang
  • when
  • who

List of Attributes in the BPG that do not appear in TEI P5

This might be an error, but I am using the TEI P5 guidelines as a reference Appendix D. I am wondering if these are local practice, or attributes that are from P4 and we need to revise.

  • ptr
  • reg
  • timestamp

I notice that in the root node TEI we include the attribute xmlns. Do we need to list that here or is that more in the realm of XML stuff?

I don't see ptr used as an attribute anywhere in the BP. reg in the Level 4 Oral History example is clearly a mistake; perhaps this should be ref? The timestamp attribute is also not in TEI; this mechanism, given in the prose and an example, needs to be reworked to use a standard mechanism. (Kshawkin 15:32, 13 June 2010 (EDT))
Lisa said her inclusion of @ptr was a mistake, and the Level 4 Oral History example has been fixed. The @timestamp example is a local customization. The prose says this, but not especially clearly. Kshawkin 13:25, 29 July 2010 (EDT)
  • Timestamp will not be a BP customization (just referenced in our prose in the context of a DocSouth project)

List of Attributes from TEI P5 not explicitly included in the BPG document

All remaining attributes (not listed above) from TEI P5, shown with elements on which they are used. Strike through means I do not think we use these attributes in the BPG realm. --Emcaulay 13:40, 13 June 2010 (EDT)


List of Attributes from TEI P5 not explicitly included in the BPG document

All remaining attributes (not listed above) from TEI P5. Strike through means I do not think we use these attributes in the BPG realm. --Emcaulay 13:40, 13 June 2010 (EDT)


attribute elements used on our notes
absolute when
active interaction relation
adj node
adjFrom node
adjTo node
age person personGrp
agent att.damaged gap unclear
aloud said
arity tree
assertedValue certainty
atLeast att.ranging
atMost att.ranging
atts specDesc
baseForm m
baseTypes fsDecl
cRef gloss ptr ref term
calendar date
cause att.textCritical
cert att.responsibility
children iNode root
class msContents msItem msItemStruct
code occupation socecStatus
cols att.tableDecoration table
columns layout
commodity att.measurement
contemporary binding seal
datum geoDecl
decls att.declaring
default att.declarable
defective hyphens inserted in class name to avoid spam filter
degree att.damaged certainty node precision purpose
delim refState
dim space
direct said
discrete sound
docLang schemaSpec
dur att.duration.w3c
dur-iso att.duration.iso
encoding binaryObject
end att.timed
enjamb att.enjamb
eol hyphenation
evaluate att.pointing
evidence att.editLike
expand att.lexicographic
extent att.dimensions orth pron
fVal f
feats fs
feature shift
filter equiv
follow iNode leaf
force pc
form objectDesc quotation
from att.datable.w3c app arc biblScope locus span
from-iso att.datable.iso
full att.personal
function att.segLike
generate classSpec
given certainty
gradual writing
group att.damaged
hands handDesc
height binaryObject graphic
ident att.identified application language valItem
inDegree node
indexName index
inst att.interpLike
interval timeline when
iterated kinesic vocal
label rhyme
lang code
lemma w
lemmaRef w
length refState
loc app
location att.lexicographic variantEncoding
locus certainty respons
lrx att.coordinated
lry att.coordinated
mainLang textLang
marks quotation
match att.scoping
matchPattern cRefPattern
material supportDesc
max att.ranging numeric
maxOccurs datatype
medium att.handFeatures
mergedIn att.lexicographic
met att.metrical
method correction normalization variantEncoding
mimeType att.internetMedia
min att.ranging
minOccurs datatype
mode att.identified alt altGrp channel classes memberOf valDesc valItem valList
module att.identified
mutual relation
name attRef equiv f fDecl namespace relation vLabel
new handShift shift
norm att.lexicographic
notAfter-iso att.datable.iso
notBefore-iso att.datable.iso
notation formula pron
ns attDef elementSpec schemaSpec
nymRef att.naming
occurs tagUsage
opt att.lexicographic
optional fDecl
ord iNode root tree
order graph tree
org att.divLike attList vColl vMerge
orig att.lexicographic
origin timeline
otherLangs textLang
outDegree iNode node root
parent iNode leaf
part att.divLike att.segLike ab l
parts nym
passive interaction relation
pattern metDecl
perf move tech
period att.datable.w3c
pre pc
precision att.dimensions
predeclare att.identified
prefix schemaSpec
quantity att.dimensions att.measurement
real att.metrical
render tagUsage
replacementPattern cRefPattern
resp att.responsibility respons space
result join joinGrp
rhyme att.metrical
role att.naming att.tableDecoration org person personGrp
rows att.tableDecoration table
ruledLines layout
sample att.divLike
scheme att catRef classCode constraintSpec gi keywords locus locusGrp occupation rendition socecStatus tag
scope att.dimensions att.handFeatures join rendition
scribe att.handFeatures
script att.handFeatures
seq att.transcriptional
s-e-x person personGrp attribute name has hyphens inserted to get around spam filter
since when
size graph personGrp
social distinct
sort att.personal
sortKey att.entryLike term
source att.editLike normalization writing
space distinct
spanTo att.spanning
split att.lexicographic
start att.coordinated att.timed schemaSpec
status att.transcriptional availability correction
stdDeviation precision
subtype att.typed
tag langKnown
tags langKnowledge
target att.ptrLike.form att.scoping catRef fsdLink gloss locus note ptr ref relatedItem specGrpRef term witDetail Council decided in April 2010 to prefer target over targets.
targetEnd note
targetLang schemaSpec
targets alt join link Council decided in April 2010 to prefer target over targets.
terminal metSym
time distinct
to att.datable.w3c app arc biblScope locus span
to-iso att.datable.iso
trans u
trunc numeric
ulx att.coordinated
uly att.coordinated
uri equiv
usage attDef language
value att.lexicographic age binary eLeaf eTree iNode leaf metSym node num numeric root s-e-x symbol triangle hyphens inserted in attribute name to get around spam filter
varSeq att.textCritical
version att.translatable TEI application teiCorpus unicodeName
weights alt
when-iso att.datable.iso
where event move
width binaryObject graphic
wit att.rdgPart att.textCritical witDetail
withId tagUsage
writtenLines layout
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