Minutes of the TEI Presentation Tools SIG Meeting in College Park, 3 November 2007

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The regular meeting of the TEI Presentation Tools SIG was held on November 3, 2007, at 10:00 a.m., in the MITH Seminar Room (B0131) of McKeldin Library, University of Maryland, College Park (USA).


  • Kevin Hawkins (Michigan)
  • Alice Hickcox (Emory)
  • Shaoping Moss (Mt. Holyoke)
  • David Sewell (Virginia)

Kevin Hawkins called the meeting to order at 10:13 a.m.

Kevin summarized the past work of the group.

David suggested linking from the page on the Tools SIG directly to the tools section of the wiki.

Alice suggested adding to the wiki small, simple tools like JQuery as presented in one of the poster sessions.

David suggested adding a category for authoring tools since the Authoring SIG is now defunct.

Alice asked how we can provide information for beginners who don't know how to do something simple like publishing a TEI document on the web.

Kevin suggested a "tools for beginners" tutorial but said he would check that the Education SIG wasn't planning something very similar.

David suggested having a demo like a short QuickTime video showing how to use Roma and <oXygen/>. This could be linked to from the "tools" page on the TEI website and from the tools section of the wiki.

Alice suggested adding more simple scripts to the wiki to help beginners. Kevin said he thought we might need some extension to MediaWiki to do syntax highlighting.

David asked whether the wiki allows files to be attached. Alice showed him where this can be done in MediaWiki.

David suggested having a procedure for periodically checking existing wiki pages for bad links and outdated information. Kevin suggested using link checking software, but David said that it looks like things could be done on our own if we set out a schedule for checking pages. Kevin suggested doing so quarterly.

Kevin said that Chris Ruotolo asked whether the SIGs would like a Sakai site. He said he felt that such a site might be useful to help SIGs with their internal work but that work meant for the public is still best shared by the wiki and on the TEI website. He asked what others thought.

David said he thought this showed the dual nature of the SIG: publicizing information on tools vs. helping each other.

Shaoping asked if we could provide a place to post examples of XSLT code. Kevin discovered that there's a whole section of the wiki with examples of stylesheets and said he would link to this from the XSLT page.

Alice suggested providing commentary on tools. David noted the discussion page for each wiki page, but Kevin suggested instead adding a section to the template (and to existing pages) for people to make comments. David said we should strongly encourage people to sign their comments.

Alice asked how we can be notified of new pages. Kevin said that a newer version of MediaWiki allows you to receive an email when a change is made to a watched page and allows you to receive a web feed of recent changes to the wiki.

Kevin asked whether the group should continue meeting after the coffee break. David said he thought that for any new initiatives to be undertaken, we should have a larger group present.

The meeting adjourned at 11:__ a.m.

Submitted by Kevin Hawkins

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