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OxGarage is a web, and RESTful, service to manage the transformation of documents between a variety of formats. The majority of transformations use the Text Encoding Initiative format as a pivot format. It is a good tool for conversion from TEI to Word (.docx), or Word (.docx) to TEI, but also does many other formats.

There is a list of formats for conversion to and from which OxGarage supports. Some of these use XSLT-based transformations and others are provided by JODConverter.


OxGarage can be used to

  • Convert TEI documents to HTML, LaTeX, Word, OpenOffice, and ePub
  • Process TEI ODD documents to make schemas or documentation
  • Convert Word documents to TEI
  • Transform some common XML formats (NLM, P4, Docbook) to or from TEI
  • Manage any of the document conversions supported by OpenOffice

A user uploads a document, chooses the target format, OxGarage works out the pipeline of required transformation steps, performs them, and returns the resulting new document. For example, an ODD document can be turned into ePub by

  1. expanding the ODD file by merging with the TEI P5 source
  2. converting the resulting XML to TEI Lite for formatting
  3. transforming TEI Lite XML to HTML and packaging as ePub

OxGarage takes care of all three stages, the user does not need to know about the middle stage. All transformations using TEI are performed with XSLT 2.0 stylesheets, some other transformations use JODConverter and a headless OpenOffice instance.

The results for some transformations can be tweaked by choosing different output profiles. These are defined on the OxGarage server.

User commentary

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System requirements

A standard modern web browser is all that is required to make use of the Web Client. If you want to deploy the underlying system yourself the most convenient way is via Docker which is available for most platforms. A ready made Docker image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/teic/oxgarage/.

Otherwise, you'll need to install the required dependencies (Java, Tomcat, OpenOffice, etc.) yourself. To build it you also need Maven and various java libraries. For more information see https://github.com/TEIC/oxgarage.

Source code and licensing

OxGarage source code is hosted on Github, at https://github.com/TEIC/oxgarage; is is a fork and extension of the EGE project (on Sourceforge: http://enrich-ege.sourceforge.net/) and is licensed under the GPL.

Support for TEI

The basic stylesheets provided with OxGarage (and ENRICH-EGE) use TEI as an output and pivot format.


The Web Client and Documentation is only provided in English


See doc directory at https://github.com/TEIC/oxgarage

Tech support

Create an issue in GitHub ( https://github.com/TEIC/oxgarage/issues ) for best-effort support concerning the OxGarage customisation.

User community

Sample implementations

Current version number and date of release

Version 1.0.0 July 2018

History of versions

How to download or buy

Download either:

Additional notes


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