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This Special Interest Group is meant for those interested in linguistics, in the TEI, and in putting the two together.

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The SIG activities (will) include official meetings at TEI-MMs, conference reports and e-mail exchange on the mailing list. As part of its activity, the SIG will attempt to track and record papers that deal with using various markup standards for the purpose of encoding linguistic analyses and language resources.


The "LingSIG" label may be used in the GitHub ticketing system to informally indicate items that either have been posted as a result of LingSIG-related work or that could possibly benefit from extra attention on the group's part. Nothing more beyond that is implied; in particular, the label is not meant to exclude any other SIGs or individuals from the discussion.


  • The first official meeting took place in Zadar, on 13 November 2010; see the agenda and the minutes. The meeting was preceded by the LLiZ (Linguistic Lunch in Zadar) and a poster presentation.
  • The second meeting took place in Würzburg, on 14 October 2011. The meeting presented the LingSIG bibliography maintained as a Zotero library, for everyone to use and add to (please?). Its recurring theme was "keep the SIG aware about the stuff you're doing". (slides)
  • The third meeting took place in College Station, TX. (slides)
  • The fourth meeting took place on Oct 3 2013 in Rome. (slides). It was preceded by a workshop on the "Perspectives on querying TEI-annotated data", co-organised by the conveners of the SIG.
  • Due to an interplay of mostly unforeseen factors, the fifth meeting in Chicago was the least fruitful of all. Let's make sure that it will remain an edge case.
  • The sixth meeting took place in Lyon, on Thursday, October 29th. It featured four presentations and discussion.
  • The seventh meeting took place in Vienna, during TEI-MM-2016, and featured a half-day workshop devoted to lexical and terminological representations.
  • The 8th meeting was held in Victoria, BC, details (report) forthcoming.


The SIG has put together an initial bibliography of works relevant to linguistics and markup (TEI in particular but not only -- the world is full of sources of inspiration). The bibliography is maintained as a Zotero resource. No one in particular is responsible for maintaining the resource, so everyone is... please feel welcome to help expand it.


TEI projects with a linguistic focus
(this is an open list, please feel welcome to edit or make suggestions for inclusion!)

The most relevant chapters of the Guidelines

Related SIGs

Tools - reports of non-TEI linguistic tools working / not working with TEI


  • Here's how it began
  • TEI Guidelines have their apocrypha as well, here's one on corpus annotation. Note that it is absolutely non-normative, included here to give credit to the original Working Group and to provide a platform to either elaborate on or to diverge from.

The first official meeting of the SIG took place on 13 November 2010 at the TEI-MM in Zadar. This meeting was preceded by a reconnaissance lunch (we liked both the intel and the food) and a Poster Slam presentation (boyakasha...).

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