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The 2015 TEI-C Board in-person meeting in Lyon, France on 1 November 2015 generated a list of significant action items that will form a roadmap for the Board's work moving forward in 2016. Items of the list will be verified with outgoing Board members, refined, and new items will appear as part of our work in 2016.

Action Items

Calls for Host, Calls for Filling Vacant Positions

Internal Procedures and Working Documents

  • Update, improve and create the needed procedural documentation for the various functions of the TEI-C under the Board’s purview; consult the following document as a starting point: http://www.tei-c.org/Board/procedures.xml.
  • Update the Treasurer's internal procedures document to support the transitioning of this role in the next 2-3 years; document the role of the newly retained accountant/CPA
  • Review and report on Program and Local Chairs processes, workflows and experiences starting with the 2015 Members' Meeting and Conference to determine breakdowns and areas for improvement
  • Determine a process for recording decisions made by the Board over email; codify this in the procedural documentation as part of the Secretary's duties
  • Secretary to send a summary of Board minutes after every meeting (or once the minutes are posted to the TEI-C website).

Updates to the TEI ByLaws

TEI-C Website

TEI-C Sponsored Activities

  • Follow up with JTEI about decisions recorded in the 01-11-2015 TEI-C Board Meeting Minutes
    • MD to follow-up with Martin Holmes about Managing Editor role (length of term, procedures)
    • MD to follow-up with John Walsh about JTEI Advisory Board recommendations
    • JTEI Editor-in-Chief, John Walsh, has received recommendations about the length of publication cycle
    • MD to propose a raise in the hourly rate for the JTEI copyeditor
  • Follow up with TAPAS about decisions recorded in the 01-11-2015 TEI-C Board Meeting Minutes
    • MD followed up with Julia Flanders (07/02/2016)
  • TEI-Sponsored Workshops
    • EP will follow-up with George Bina about extending the Oxygen license for TEI-branded workshop attendees
    • Disclose free, one-time membership benefit info when taking a TEI-C-endoresed workshop on [1] as stipulated by EP.

New Initiatives

  • Create a task force for internationalization
  • Improve the nomination and ballot submission procedures is under the purview of the Nominating Committee.

Codes of Conduct


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