TEI-C and TAPAS Election Timeline

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The election timeline is contingent upon the date of the Annual Members' Meeting and Conference. The Meeting/Conference occurs in the September/October/November every year, depending on the local host schedule. Below is a generic timeline to help the Nominating Committee plan accordingly.

Event Dates/duration Suggested dates Compromise dates/duration
Conference and Members’ Meeting 9-13 September 9-13 September TBD
Members’ Meeting 13 September (?) 12 September (?) TBD
Voting closes 1 September 11 September 00:00 HAST (or any other date, not more than one day before Members Meeting) TBD
Voting opens 15 June ?
Slate published 1 June ?
Statements & biographies 30 May ? TBD
reminder for statement & biographies 23 May 23 May TBD
Invitation to respond 15 May ? TBD
Deadline for nominations 1 May 1 May TBD
Call for nominations 15 April 16 April TBD
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