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TeiDisplay is a plugin for Omeka that renders a TEI file. "The default XSLT stylesheet allows for two display types: entire and segmental. The entire display type will render out the entire document in HTML while the segmental display type includes a table of contents for displaying a selected div1 or div2, which is a useful feature for larger documents. The display type and XSLT stylesheet can be customized for each TEI File in the database through the TEI Config tab in the administrative interface. Additionally, metadata from the TEI Header is automatically mapped to Dublin Core fields for both the item and file."[1]


User commentary

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System requirements

Required yum or aptitute packages:

  • php-xml
  • php-xsl

Source code and licensing

Support for TEI

"The TEI document requires an id attribute in the TEI.2 root element. For the table of contents in the segmental display to work properly, each div1, div2, or div element at the top two levels under <front> or <body> must also have an id attribute since generate-id() does not provide the consistent results in PHP-XSL as it does in Xalan or Saxon. The Entire display type will function without ids attached to divs."[2]




Tech support

User community

Sample implementations

Current version number and date of release

History of versions

How to download or buy


"As of December 2010, the TeiDisplay plugin integrates with FedoraConnector plugin functions (if the plugin is installed) to render TEI datastreams directly from a Fedora repository"[3] (See more about Fedora.)


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