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"Textual Communities is an environment for the collaborative online creation of scholarly editions."[1]


  • It is not an adaptation of any other system, but is built anew from the ground up;
  • It understands text as a collection of leaves distributed across a document tree and an entity tree. Accordingly, it can both present text page by page (or line by line), as parts of a document tree, and it can present text entity by entity, as a hierarchy of acts of eommunication (hence, line 1 of the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales), as parts of an entity tree;
  • It offers powerful collation tools, CollateX and the Collation Editor, permitting precise tailoring of the collation of any entity in muliple documents;
  • It includes tools for managing collaboration: to invite, supervise and monitor multiple collaborators;
  • It includes an IIIF image server, and can create editiable documents from IIIF manifests;
  • It provides an API giving access to all materials through URI resource descriptors.

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  1. https://listserv.brown.edu/archives/cgi-bin/wa?A2=TEI-L;9bdf9845.1806
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