Workgroup to revise the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries

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Invitation to participate in revision of Best Practices for TEI in Libraries


First Monday of each month

9–10 a.m. Eastern Time in North America (14:00–15:00 UTC in winter in North America, 13:00–14:00 UTC at other times of the year)

People with email addresses listed below will have hangout link sent to them for each meeting. We can do up to 10 people with a regular hangout. If we get more people, we'll find someone with a Google Apps for Education account who can support up to 15(?).

Actually, you can only invite up to 5 people to a Hangout. Beyond that, you need to just share a link. We'll plan to share the link on teilib-l shortly before each meeting.

If you can't make it, follow along by reviewing minutes (linked below) and/or watching issues on GitHub (click "watch" after logging in) and adding comments there.



  • Kevin Hawkins (kevin.s.hawkins@gmail)
  • stuart yeates ()
  • stefanie gehrke (
  • Elli Mylonas (
  • James Griffin ( [or])
  • Lisa McAulay ()
  • Martin Mueller (
  • Michelle Dalmau ()
  • Antonio Rojas ()
  • Paul Schaffner ( [or])
  • Peter Gorman (
  • Andrew Rouner (
  • Syd Bauman (

Suggested meeting procedure

  1. Appoint notetaker, creating a new Google Docs file in our Google Drive folder.
  2. Resume discussions postponed from last meeting.
  3. Go through issues not yet discussed in order of BP revision ticket triage. For each issue, someone volunteers to summarize the issue:
    1. If the issue is straightforward and there's immediate consensus, ask for volunteer to record consensus as a comment on the issue, wait 7 days for objections, and then implement*.
    2. If issue is complicated, ask for volunteer to examine issue more closely after the meeting to propose a solution (either rejecting suggestion or changing prose and/or schema to implement*). Volunteer will post proposed solution as comment on the issue at least 7 days before our next meeting and lead discussion at next meeting.
      1. If there is consensus, volunteer implements* after the meeting.
      2. If there are any adjustments to proposal at that time, volunteer records in a comment on the issue and waits another 7 days for objections before implementing*.
  4. After meeting, those present review the minutes in the next 48 hours. Notetaker then announces minutes on TEILIB-L.

* Change may be implemented either by committing to the master branch or making pull requests. The advantage of a pull request is that it forces a second set of eyes to review changes. This is especially important for changes to content models in the ODD (rather than simply to prose).

Meeting minutes

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