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This page collects together any pages relating to customizations of the TEI schemas. While the TEI-C provides some customizations, if you have created a customization that you think may be of use to others in the TEI community, then the TEI wiki is one place to put it. All of the customizations posted here are freely available for public use. They are offered as is, and we make no guarantees about their usefulness or effectiveness. Please feel free to experiment with them. If you make any useful revisions, please post the modified version here. Customizations can be made on the web via Roma, and saved as ODD files. It is these saved customizations which we are encouraging people to share.

To create a new page and post your customization, you should:

  • Log in (Create a user account for this WIKI if you have not done so.)
  • Add a new page.
    • To do this, add the name of the new page to the URL in your browser's address bar after index.php/
    • For example, if you wish to create a new page called "MyNewCustomization.odd", just edit the URL in your web browser's address bar to look like this:

  • Assuming no one else has made a page with the name you chose, you will be brought to a blank page. Click the edit button and do the following:
    • Provide accompanying detailed explanation at the top of the page
    • Cut and paste your ODD into the window.
    • Wrap any ODD content content in <nowiki></nowiki>
    • Place the string [[Category:Customization]] at the bottom of your page, so it will be included in this category.


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