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The Islandora TEI editor is currently under development.


  • first feature
  • second feature
  • third feature

User commentary

Please sign all comments. (please leave the above note about signing comments, and add signed comments here below it)

System requirements

  • Running Islandora Installation

Source code and licensing

GPL licenses

Support for TEI

(Does it support TEI or TEI Lite "out of the box"?) (How easily can TEI be implemented?) (Are there customized versions of the tool created for the TEI community, perhaps even by those not affiliated with the tool's creators?)


(What computer language is the tool written in?) (What language(s) are used in the interface?) (What language(s) are used in the documentation?)


(link to or information about documentation available)

Tech support

(What technical support is provided by the creators of the tool?)

User community

(Are there any communities of users?)

Sample implementations

(links to demo sites running the tool or successful implementations of it)

Current version number and date of release

(type in that information here)

History of versions

(type in that information here)

How to download or buy

View the project at GitHub

Additional notes

(type in that information here)

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