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This is a wiki devoted to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). It is created by TEI-ers for TEI-ers, and if you wish to contribute something or join the discussions, you are most welcome – all you need to do is login or register. Choose from the following:

Technical matters: building and manipulating TEI XML

TEI Community matters

TEI Wiki

See also the main TEI web site and the TEI GitHub page. The Text Encoding Initiative also has an entry in Wikipedia.

Note: We require registration in order to avoid automated spam attacks and page vandalism. For the same reason, this front page has been locked and is unable to be edited by normal users. In addition, throughout the wiki certain key words which are prevalent in spam attacks have been banned. If you need to use any of these words, or to suggest a change to the homepage, please contact one of the "bureaucrat" users.

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