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As TEI is not a format, though many people think it is. It's a de facto standard that specifies Guidelines for document interchange. Actually the Guidelines are based on the XML but this is only one possible technical way of expressing the phenomenons.

The aim of the Graph-SIG is to find a way of expressing the language phenomenons of the TEI in Graphs.

  • In the graph you can use multi-hierarchical annotations layers.
  • Graph models are very easy to read and understand. So DH-People and “normal” scientists have a level of discussion in common.
  • A Graph can be expressed as RDF so the step from a Graph to linked open data is easy to make.

The main goal of the TEI-Graph-SIG is to model the textual phenomenons of the TEI in a Graph and to develop routines to import TEI-encoded XML-files into graph databases.

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