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Convenors: Stefanie Gehrke and Kevin Hawkins

According to the TEI SIG on Libraries web page:

The goal of the TEI Special Interest Group on Libraries is to discuss topics regarding the use of TEI in libraries, including the creation of guidelines and best practices that encourage the consistent and predictable encoding of TEI documents. Greater consistency and predictability will facilitate the interchange of documents, interoperability of systems, and the creation of standard tools for libraries to use in the creation and publication of TEI documents. It will do this by, among other things:
  • Updating and improving the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries
  • Creation of standard XSL style sheets for use (see, for example, Thutmose II, development of which was funded by a grant from the TEI Consortium to the SIG on Libraries)
  • Exploring the use of other metadata standards commonly in use in libraries, such as METS, MODS, EAD, and MARC, in conjunction with TEI documents
  • Guides to implementing TEI collections in digital library platforms

See also the mention of the Digital Library Federation's support for the TEI.


Join the List

  • Join the TEILIB-L list to participate in discussions, post questions or just to stay informed.


Conference Events




  • Thutmose II: development of this tool for converting from MARCXML to TEI has been sponsored by a grant from the SIG.

Possible future activities

  • stylesheet development:
    • Apply for funding from TEI Board to have Michael continue developing Thutmose II for TEI to MARC.
    • Have someone create MODS <--> teiHeader crosswalk (in Evanston meeting in 2014, a number of people said they were using MODS)
    • Have someone create a Tite --> BP "level 3.5" conversion (as Syd volunteered to do in October 2011).
  • Develop tools to support library encoding workflows.
  • Create a METS profile for an encoded document with set of digitized page images. We might base our work on a profile developed by Torsten Schaßen for headers for manuscripts to be viewed using the DFG-Viewer.
  • Find a student who could work on incorporating BP into P5, write a proposal for the Board to fund this student.
  • Do something with TEI Libraries SIG Manifesto now that it’s been circulated on TEILIB-L (and by Michelle Dalmau in April 2015 to tei-board). Perhaps create an eye-catching design for a poster that could be circulated.
  • Write up a proposal to recommend that people expose their TEI documents for harvesting using OAI-PMH. We would agree on enough of a profile that allows harvesting of only TEI documents, allowing someone to build a virtual repository. This could even be incorporated into the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries ("BP")!
  • Create tutorials and starting points for learning the TEI, especially aimed at librarians.
  • Provide advice for those migrating TEI collections into Fedora (including Hydra and Islandora). (TAPAS is developing a Hydra gem and will release it as open-source software.)
  • Meet virtually in between our annual face-to-face meetings to keep ourselves on task.
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