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The TEI Special Interest Group in Music (Music SIG)

Latest News
The Music SIG will meet on Oct 3rd 2013 (16:30 - 18:00) at the TEI Members Meeting at Università di Roma, La Sapienza.



  • Bring together users of the TEI who are interested in incorporating encoding for music into their TEI documents or in encoding music-related documents.
  • Provide recommendations and examples for encoding music notation within TEI.
  • Provide integration of TEI with Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) and MusicXML
  • Provide recommendations on and, when possible, contribute to the development of tools for WYSIWYG generation and dynamic web-based rendering of encoded music.
  • Discuss the use of TEI for markup of music theoretic terms and references to scores and performances.


The webspace for the Music SIG is available for the distribution of material produced by the group, such as ODDs and tutorials.


  • October 2011: A paper at ISMIR 2011 introduced the role of ODD in MEI, discussed a sample extension, and proposed a method to gather community members' customizations.
  • January 2011: The new TEI with Music Notation customization introduces a new element for marking the presence of notated music in texts and combines Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) elements for representing the notation itself. Find the ODDs and the Guidelines on the SIG webspace
  • November 2010: A panel called "Encoding Text, Music and Music Literatures" has been presented at the TEI Members Meeting 2010 in Zadar, Croatia. Three papers discussed encoding texts with references to music; using ODD for MEI; rendering music notation within a TEI document.



Raffaele Viglianti, raffaele.viglianti [at]

Deputy Convenors

Gabriel Bodard, gabriel.bodard [at]
Dot Porter, dporter [at]
Perry Roland, pdr4h [at]

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