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The goal of the TEI Special Interest Group on Tools (formerly "Presentation") is to bring together members who wish to share information about XML-TEI compatible tools.

This covers:

  • editing tools to encode texts and corpora
  • conversion and preprocessing tools
  • transformation and presentation languages such as XSLT
  • querying tools such as native XML databases
  • publishing and delivery tools
  • analysis tools like Xaira, Philologic, etc.

The aim is to generate:

  • a web resource where members can learn about different tools
  • collaborations between members using the same tools

To Participate

The SIG's mailing list can be joined by anyone. There are online archives that can be read by list members.

Please also considering contributing to the wiki!

Archives from 07 May 2006 to 13 October 2009 (for an old list) are accessible at


This wiki has a Category:Tools to allow people to categorise pages they create about tools.



For further information about the Tools SIG, please contact Serge Heiden.

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