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This group is no longer active.

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Working Group Charge

In April 2008, a joint meeting between the Digital Library Federation (DLF) TEI Task Force and TEI in Libraries SIG was held as part of the DLF Spring Forum in Minneapolis. One of the main points of discussion was the necessary revision of the TEI in Libraries: Guidelines for Best Practices (current released version, development version) (GBP) to reflect general conformance and any changes brought about by the TEI P5 release.

The GBP were originally authored by members of the DLF TEI Task Force, but they will fall under the TEI in Libraries SIG purview moving forward. One of our many goals in revising the GBP is to have official bodies of the TEI-C review and approve them, and having them linked from the TEI-C web site for greater exposure.

To further the revision work, a working group has been established to address the various the main components of the GBP: TEI Header and levels 1-5. The revision work entails:

  • updating the narrative
  • finding TEI P5 examples for each level (perhaps by migrating P4 examples)

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kevin Hawkins or Michelle Dalmau for additional information and to get you signed up!

Working Group Members

  • Planning group:
    • Syd Bauman, Brown University
    • Michelle Dalmau, Indiana University
    • Matthew Gibson, University of Virginia
    • Kevin Hawkins, University of Michigan
    • Lisa McAulay, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Chris Powell, University of Michigan
    • Melanie Schlosser, Ohio State University
    • Natasha Smith, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • Perry Willett, California Digital Library
    • Richard Wisneski, Case Western University
    • Glen Worthey, Stanford University

Email communication

Currently using TEILIB-L.

Conference Calls

  • None scheduled at the moment

Working Documents


Best Practices for TEI in Libraries

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