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Vesta, a "desktop Roma" application, "provides a simple desktop app which lets you run conversions on TEI files. Specifically, it understands what to do with ODD files, and can generate schemas and documentation; but more generally it can process simple TEI XML files and make HTML, LaTeX, FO and Word 2007 .docx output. It does this using different profiles, which can be added to locally."


User commentary

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System requirements

Source code and licensing

Support for TEI



Tech support

User community

Sample implementations

Current version number and date of release

1.0.9 (2009-08-04)

History of versions

See .

How to download or buy

The source for Vesta is on Github at (see also, but it is no longer maintained. The functionality it offers is available through oXygen, or OxGarage.

Additional notes

See also: Roma

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