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The TEI Consortium is led by a Board of Directors, which provides strategic direction and fiscal oversight, organizes the TEI's main activities, and coordinates fundraising, marketing and member recruiting. The Board is composed of both elected and non-elected representatives, including five voting members and appointed positions (Chair of TEI-C Technical Council, Treasurer, and TEI-C Webmaster). The Board meets once a year in person, immediately following the Annual Meeting, and holds telephone conferences on a regular basis.

Official agenda and minutes from the Board are posted to the TEI-C web site. The Board will use this wiki to in support of collaborative or in-progress work and uses the category Board reserved for use by the TEI-C Board of Directors for collocation of Board-related wiki documentation.


The TEI-C Board will meet the second Thursday of every month during 2017 (unless otherwise noted):

  • JSP: 9-10 pm
  • CET: 1-2 pm
  • GMT: 12-1 pm
  • EST: 7-8 am

TEI-C Board Decision Tracking: A place to track decisions made by the Board over email. Some or all of these may be acknowledged in subsequent meeting minutes.

TEI-C Meetings Archive

Meeting date and place Agenda Minutes
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-01
Google Hangout*
  • Finalize host documentation (Michelle, review by Board)
  • Finalize Rahtz Prize submission process (need someone to take the lead for this, lots of work already been done)
  • One more review of the Bylaws (need someone to take the lead for this, lots of work already been done)
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-03
Google Hangout*

Board members to send email updates:

    • 2017 MM Conference Update (Kathryn)
    • 2018/2019 Call for Host Update (Michelle)
    • Rahtz Prize Update (Michelle & Hugh)
    • Membership Update (Laurent)
    • Code of Conduct Update (Pip)
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-05
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-06
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-07
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-08
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-09
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-10
Google Hangout* (or replace with In-Person meeting)
Board Agenda 2017-11
Google Hangout*
Board Agenda 2017-12



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