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An emacs setup for working with TEI files.


The following Emacs packages are also recommended for using with Emacs and TEI XML

  • ucs
  • nxml-mode
  • psgml
  • semantic
  • speedbar
  • tdtd
  • xslide
  • xslt-process

User commentary

Please sign all comments.

System requirements

Windows or Linux system. Windows users must first install Emacs for Windows.

Source code and licensing

Open source

Support for TEI

TEI and TEI Lite support out of the box


Tool and website in English.


Tech support

Sebastian Rahtz welcomes questions and bug reports.

User community

Current version number and date of release

3.11 (March 2013)

History of versions

See https://github.com/sebastianrahtz/tei-emacs/commits/master .

How to download or buy

On Github at https://github.com/sebastianrahtz/tei-emacs.git

Or download the Debian package.

Additional notes

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