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The mediawiki format is used by wikimedia fundation wikis (Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikisource), and many other wikis using the mediawiki software. Large amounts of free hight-quality structured texts are available in this format. These texts are used more and more often in NLP (natural language processing) projects. However, the mediawiki parser is oriented towards rendition and the mediawiki syntax is complex and hard to parse.

The Wiki2Tei converter makes available the information contained in wiki syntax (structuration, highlighting, etc.), and allows to properly retrieve the plain text. This conversion is intended to preserve all the properties of the original text. Wiki2Tei is closely coupled with the mediawiki software, allowing to convert all the features of the mediawiki syntax.


  • Tools for converting from mediawiki database or from collection of files.
  • Tools for checking well formedness and validation.
  • The documentation of the vocabulary use ODD syntax.
  • Wiki2Tei converter works with mediawiki 1.5 software.

User commentary

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System requirements

You need to set up a mediawiki software, that is: - a mysql server - a php 5 interpreter. - some third parties tools are needed for specific task (openjade, xsltproc)

Source code and licensing

This software is released under a BSD licence.

Support for TEI


The converter use the PHP 5 language only.


Documentation is available online:

Tech support

A technical support is provided through the following mailing list:

User community

The community tools of the SourceForge web site may be used.

Sample implementations

Current version number and date of release

Version 1.0, release 10-10-2007.

History of versions

How to download or buy
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