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The following is the start of a worked example showing how the current BIBFRAME draft might be used with a TEI text being published in a real world situation. This is forward-looking work. For the current state of play see Best Practices for TEI in Libraries.



  • I'm using N-Triples, they've not been validated.
  • I'm primarily concerning myself with links between the NZETC and other parties, primarily because this is what I know about.
  • The example work is A History of the Birds of New Zealand by Walter Lawry‏ Buller ‎ 1838-1906‏. I've picked this because it's well known enough that lots of people have things about it to link to and because it contains some nice circular references (such as subjects named after the author).
  • I'm not concerned with the httpRange-14 issue (yet)
  • These comments relate to the evolving draft BIBFRAME as at early May 2013; the draft is expected to evolve.

Work / Instance

We hold the work in multiple formats, has an instance and there are ISBNs for it too. RFC 3187 details using ISBNs as URNs. RFC 3187 predates but anticipates 13 digit ISBNs. rdf:type . bf:hasInstance . bf:hasInstance . bf:hasInstance . bf:hasInstance . bf:hasInstance urn:isbn:0723300224 . bf:hasInstance urn:isbn:9780723300229 .


I'm using an anonymous node here, rather than introduce a new identifier globally. This wikipedia article has the same topic. I'm going to assume that labels and so forth can be inferred from wikipedia if necessary, particularly since they already have labels in more languages than the NZETC is going to have in the foreseeable future.

_:local001 rdf:type .
_:local001 bf:relatedResource .
_:local001 bf:relatedResource's_Shearwater .

I'm still not quite sure how/whether to link to's_Shearwater vs how/whether to link to Suggestions appreciated.


The text of the work is by Buller:

_:local002 rdf:type .
_:local002 bf:contributor
_:local002 bf:relatedResource  .
_:local002 bf:relatedResource .
_:local002 bf:relatedResource .

But the fabulous images are by Keulemans. We don't even have him in our authority control system due to lack of attribution in the early edditions, so there's no local link here

_:local003 rdf:type .
_:local003 bf:contributor .
_:local003 bf:relatedResource 
_:local003 bf:relatedResource


This is an example of the same ePUB as above, available through a re-distributor (allowed since it's under a CC license). Since it's an identical byte-for-byte copy: owl:SameAs .

It certainly feels like there should be a more comprehensive way to encode that.


this is a part of that is part of this other thing. Currently there doesn't appear to be a way to encode this in a standard fashion in BIBFRAME. bf:? . bf:? .

Once we put all the components of a work into an ePUB file pointing to them becomes more complex, but most of the relationships stay the same.

jar:!/tm/scholarly/tei-BulBird.html bf:?  jar:!/tm/scholarly/tei-BulBird-t1-g1-t2-body-d104a.html .

See here for the definition of jar: URIs to point inside ePUBs and other zip files.


There doesn't appear to be a way to encode that this HTML file is mechanically derived from this XML fragment bf:? .
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