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This page lists conferences at which TEI-related content appears regularly. No particular grouping is assumed at first, we'll see how this page develops. It seems that we may allow for less-formal details to appear here as well, so feel welcome to add to each section whatever you think others may like to know concerning these events.


Balisage: The Markup Conference

Annual in early August. This is what Extreme Markup turned into.

Up until 2013 based in Montréal, Canada. The 2014 conference will be held outside Washington, DC.


CLiP: Computers, Literature and Philology

Annual, with breaks. Moveable.


DHCS: Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science


The goal of the annual Chicago DHCS Colloquium is to bring together researchers and scholars in the Humanities and Computer Sciences to identify and explore new directions and perspectives for future research.

Digital Humanities

Annual. Moveable. Latest news to be found on the general page.


DRHA: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

Annual, based in Great Britain. Inactive.


ELPUB: Electronic Publishing

Annual. Moveable.


Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW)

Most often a satellite of *ACL events. See the homepage of the first event for the genetics. Sponsored by the ACL Special Interest Group for Annotation.

Proceedings of LAW meetings can be found in the 'Workshop' section of the ACL Anthology.

LREC: Language Resources and Evaluation

Biannual. Moveable. See the individual homepages for electronic versions of the proceedings.


TEI Conference and Members' Meeting

Annual. Moveable.

See also the TEI website list for a complete listing; and watch the TEI News page for the latest information.

Links to recent conferences:

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