Council agenda 2013-10

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Council Teleconference 2013-10-21 16:00 current Oxford time (11:00 Providence/Ann Arbor/Chapel Hill time, 10:00 Lincoln time, 08:00 Victoria time).

  • Report on TEI Members’ Meeting and Board Meeting [SR]
  • Update on Text Directionality work [MDH]
  • Report on div liminal work [LB]
  • Report on Physical Bibliography group [SB]
  • Report on TEI for Libraries ways forward [KH]
  • Report on new Roma Specification [JC]
  • Report on specification and estimated cost for XPointer resolver [HC/SB]
  • Report on specification and estimated cost for oXygen front end for ODD [SB/EM]
  • Timetabling next release [JC]
  • State of play on translation of Guidelines
  • Add your items here …
  • Planning for election of Chair [JC]
  • Planning for face-to-face meeting in November [JC]
  • Planning for next conference call (2014-01?) [JC]
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