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Session Overview

  • 5 mins: Welcome and Purpose for Revision (P5, Conformance, True Libraries Customization): Kevin
  • 5 mins: Introductions
  • 5 mins: Quick overview of the Header: Melanie
    • Updated for P5
    • Updated based on actual Header usage – reflect that Headers are created and used in a variety of environments
    • Old guidelines attempted to relate Header to MARC cataloging. We have continued that, but have also taken into account non-MARC metadata. In this phase we clarified MARC references and accommodations, while making sure the guidelines are useful for those creating their Headers by hand, and those generating them from (or using them with) other standards. Future phases should include mappings and recommendations for using MARC and other standards with Headers.
    • Clarifies some things (like when you are describing the source document and when you are describing the TEI document)
    • Encourages standardization whenever possible to facilitate interoperability
    • Encourages machine-readability
  • 5 mins: Quick overview of levels 1-5: Michelle
    • Overall, include more examples, more explanation and remove tag abuse
    • Level 1 & 2: automatic content generation
      • Introduction of <ab>
      • Reference an automatic workflow scenario
    • Level 3: basic structural markup
      • Introduction of the embeded text or floating text (text within a text)
      • Explicit information on what to do with running headers and footers
      • Example of ways to markup notes and table of contents
    • Level 4: content analysis
      • Addition of name tagging
      • Included examples for verse, prose, performance texts, oral history, embedded texts
    • Level 5: scholarly encoding projects which are unique
      • Not possible to provide recommendations, but have provided a few examples of richer semantic, linguistic, and prosodic markup.
  • 25 mins: Discussion: Kevin (facilitates); Melanie and Michelle (take notes)
  • 10 mins: Sum Up / Wrap Up (All of us can do this based on our notes)
  • 5 mins: Next Steps (Prioritize feedback, TEI-C proposal, etc.): Michelle or Kevin
    • Reviewing and priortizing feedback during May 6th meeting
    • Determine urgency and feasibility for this Revision; begin list for next revision (already a few items on this list)
    • Present the GBP to the TEI Board and Council for vetting and ultimate hosting on the TEI-C web site (late summer)

Questions for the audience:

  • What to rename the Guidelines?
  • TEI/METS integration (e.g., facilitating text-image linking)
  • Referencing external metadata standards in the Header


  • 15-20 copies of the GBP (marked as DRAFT)
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