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Drupal is an open source web content management platform written in PHP and largely driven by a relational database (MySQL, Postgres, etc). Primarily designed for HTML, Drupal has been used for a number of TEI projects. See a thread on the TEI-L as well as a 2013 summary of previous threads.

Some examples:


A rather propagandistic description of Drupal's features are available on the Drupal website. It is a rather complex CMS, but with many more features than wordpress. Drupal Core (the basic installation) can be largely extended, notably through the "Views" module that will be integrated into Drupal Core for the 8th version.

User commentary

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System requirements

  • Apache is recommended, but other solutions are possible
  • Database: depending on drupal's versions, MySQL or postgreSQL are usually better, but Oracle or MS SQL Server are possible with som additional extensions. More precision.
  • PHP:
   * Drupal 6: PHP 4.4.0 or higher (5.2 recommended).
   * Drupal 7: PHP 5.2.5 or higher (5.3 recommended).
   * Drupal 8: PHP 5.3.10 or higher.
   * More precisions.

Source code and licensing

GNU General Public License

Support for TEI

Drupal does not support TEI or TEI Lite "out of the box". Though, several modules or solutions can be implemented for a TEI-based web project:

It seems that using TEI encoded texts with Drupal implies whatever happens some degree of code and customization.


PHP and SQL are used by Drupal. For the handling of TEI encoded texte with Drupal XSLT or XPath will be required too.


Drupal official documentation

Tech support

Drupal is delivered as is, but there is a large community of users and a rather detailed documentation (see above).

There is a dedicated support page.

User community

There is some information about the community of users on the Drupal support webpage.

Sample implementations

See above.

Current version number and date of release

  • Current version: Drupal 7.23, released 2013-Aug-08;
  • Former version, still supported: Drupal 6.28, released 2013-Jan-16;
  • Next version: Drupal 8.

History of versions

The official history is described here.

How to download or buy

Go to the Get started section of Drupal website. Drupal is open source and can downloaded for free.

Additional notes

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