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"ETDPub was initialized designed as a lightweight Electronic Thesis and Disseration system. Data entry is written in XForms and powered by the Orbeon XForms engine. Metadata are encoded in MODS, and the metadata and document files are indexed into Apache Solr for access in a public user interface that contains basic faceted search functionality. As part of the Mellon/NEH Open Humanities Book project, it has been extended to support the publication of TEI ebooks, in addition to the serialization of TEI into RDF, EPUB 3.0.1, and, most recently, Crossref's XML medata model. When ORCIDs have been connected to ebook or ETD authors/editors, the document metadata can be published to Crossref in order to mint a DOI."[1]


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System requirements

"The application can be deployed on any platform, but a stable Linux server distribution with a well-maintained package manager is recommended." Also requires that you install the Apache Tomcat servlet container, Orbeon, Solr, and eXist-db.[2]

Source code and licensing

Licensed under Apache 2.0[3]

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