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The Facsimile task force / SIG is about markup of facsimile images with correspondence to parts of the text.

Facsimile Markup schema (ODD)


  1. existing markup, including simple pb/@url style markup at one extreme and METS at the other
  2. early straw man facsimile modules:
    1. a high-end markup:
      1. list of facsimile images,
      2. each image linked to a locations in the text by a typed link (e.g. thumbnail, display...)
      3. see METS structure map
      4. link between text and fragments within an image? (e.g. svg region) Requires another indirection
    2. a low-end markup: <pb n="1" url="page-1.jpg"/>
    3. other widely-used style of markup?
      1. use ODD equiv system to map low-end to the high-end markup?
  3. Investigate relations/mapping between the TEI and SVG.
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