February 13, 2017

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins (University of North Texas Libraries) (KH)
  • Andrew Rouner (Washington University Libraries) (AR)
  • Elli Mylonas (Brown University Library) (EM)
  • Syd Bauman (Northeastern University) (SB)
  • James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries) (JG)

Ticket Triage

Issue #21

  • Made fix to the pull request (PR) request suggested by KH
  • Closed
  • Can make a new PR - or perhaps the old pull request will incorporate the latest changes.

Issue #45

  • EM made a <valList> for <div> based on notes in the Issue.
  • EM: should we be abbreviating the values?
  • KH: no abbreviations
  • EM: Does each ODD have to be updated separately?
  • KH: No ODD cascade exists
  • (SB arrives)
  • EM noticed Appendix A of Attribute Values (Best Practices for TEI in Libraries, Version 3)
  • EM: Doesn’t seem helpful, doesn't specify which elements they belong to, which are mentioned in the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries (BPTL) and which are “favorites”
  • KH: Didn't come from version 2.1
  • EM: Try to remove this or link to element specs
  • Action on EM: Create the issue about deciding what to do with Appendix A

Issue #3

  • KH: Would take this over from Peter Gorman
    • Hasn't made any progress
    • SB: Clarifies that this is actually labor-intensive

Issue #42

  • KH: No progress

Issue #37

  • SB:
    • TEI needs to address this schematron issue
    • Need to address the issue of possibly leaving the TEI rather than the BPTL
    • Will be submitting a ticket to the TEI

Issue #7

  • KH: No progress

Issue #9

  • SB:
    • Ticket for the schema or for the prose?
    • The schema component is finished
  • KH: If changes for both are required, they are kept in the same ticket
  • SB:
    • Prose should be changed
    • Needs to finish, issues a call for participants
  • KH: Enumerates all of the elements available through the TEI P5, but not all are used by the BPTL
  • SB: Some elements are difficult to address (e. g. <stdVals>)
  • KH: Should only scope this issue for elements included on the bullleted list for <editorialDecl> in "the big header table" in the BTPL

Issue #13

  • KH: A cataloger colleague in the UNT University Libraries is addressing this
  • No update

Issue #47

  • EM: No progress
  • SB: Most of this was what was intended by the BPTL WG
  • EM: Just needs to be reviewed
  • KH: Lou noticed these after running a comparison
  • EM: Changing content models might have unforeseen consequences
  • Will review and check for questions

Issue #36

  • KH: Written comments to be reviewed by EM

Issue #14

  • KH: Needs to implement

Issue #17

  • EM: SB changed the <schemaRef> and updated the examples
  • SB and EM will finish collaboratively

Issue #31

  • EM: This issue was just closed
  • Pull request was opened for discussion
  • KH will attempt to merge the PR

Issue #10

  • KH:
    • Indicating interviewers and interviewees
    • Discussed in September, but this was postponed
    • This was a suggestion for using the <listPerson> element
    • Should be added to Level 4 (already some discussion for oral history)
    • Add <listPerson> to the schema and documentation
    • Discuss the usage of @role on person
  • AR volunteers
  • KH: clarifies that the prose changes can be addressed first
  • SB: volunteers to address the schema changes
  • SB: Birth and death should be specified
  • KH: But, this would require that this information be found after the encoding has been undertaken
  • KH: Rouner can either add comments to the Issue or modified the prose of the ODD

Issue #11

  • Page breaks within notes
  • KH:
    • Discussed this in September
    • Should include <pb> within the note
    • Should use the attribute for pointing
    • Should update the prose
  • EM: Use a @sameAs on the page break
  • KH: The note element first is referenced in level 3
  • SB: Suggests including an example
  • Found 200 examples using grep
  • KH: Regenerating output of the ODD's
  • SB: What remains is the generation of the large table (this is almost unreadable)
  • Otherwise, everything seems to be properly generated
  • KH: Current release of the BPTL document is found at http://www.tei-c.org/SIG/Libraries/teiinlibraries/main-driver.html
  • Also, requests that SB publish a rendered version on the WWW

Issue #12

  • No discussion of bibliographic metadata for TEI Documents
  • Can use <listBibl>...
  • Going to recommend the usage of this at Level 3
  • Just have a <listBibl> with each entry using <bibl> without marking the components
  • For Level 4 where components of entries are encoded...
  • How much detail should be expected?
  • SB: Title, author, and date should be prescriptive
  • EM: Level 4 is full-blown, can't imagine telling users what to encode for a bibliography
  • Bibliographies are so varied...but title, author, date
  • KH: Emphasize use cases
  • Sending this data into a separate, hosted service for parsing
  • SB: Also, sorting as a use case
  • EM: <bibl> contains just text within Level 3
  • Level 4 has a full <bibl>
  • KH: Author, title, and date are required
  • <pubPlace>, <publisher>, <editor>...the remaining elements are optional
  • KH: Maybe <editor> should be required
  • Schema change and additions to the table are required to resolve this
  • JG: Should dates be formatted using a standard?
  • SB: The formatting specified by the @when attribute should be used

Scheduling for the Next Meeting

  • March 6th, 2017 13:00 GMT-5
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