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Your user space is whatever you create as subpages of your user page. (You can reach your user page by clicking on the link with your username on it, at the very top of each page; often, you can also get there by pressing Alt+Shift+.).

The easiest way to create a subpage is to add "/name-of-the-subpage" to the address displayed in the address bar of your browser, opening that page and editing away. Suppose that your username is "TEI User". The address of your user page is thus:

The address of your new page may then be something like, e.g.:


Using subpages in your user space is both

  • a good way to learn wiki markup without putting anything into the main wiki space (where it shows up in searches and can be accessed by others), and
  • a secure way to work on your articles, if you want to spend some time on them without the risk of someone else interfering with your editing before you're done. You can then either move your new article into the main space, or paste its contents into a newly created page (the first option saves your entire editing history, which you might or might not want to be visible to others).

Handling category links

Please note: if you chose to build your articles in your user space, you can (and in fact should) disable their category assignment by putting a colon as the first symbol inside the category link. So instead of having e.g. (a) below at the bottom of your article, you should have (b), with the colon marked in red, to be removed when the new article is put into the main space.

(a) [[Category:Markup]]
(b) [[:Category:Markup]]
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