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The Best Practices for TEI in Libraries (BP) is now listed as a community customization on the TEI-C website to make it more discoverable by members of the community.

We invite all members of the TEI community to submit practices given in the BP for inclusion in the Guidelines. Requests for changes to the TEI Guidelines are made through the TEI's GitHub site so that all such requests are stored in a single place for Council members to process. You'll need to create an account in order to create an issue.

There are some practices in the BP which have already become outdated thanks to more recent clarifications to the Guidelines. Most of these are mentioned in the list of issues to be implemented in the BP. You might consult this list before filing a report.

To claim an item, please add it to the table below. That will allow us to avoid duplication of effort in providing context for an issue. Once you create the issue, please return to this page and add the issue number below. That will allow people find other issues to comment on or "watch" them in order to receive email updates when someone comments on an issue or implements it.

Thank you!

Description of aspect of the BP proposed for addition Name of volunteer to write up a GitHub issue GitHub link (once issue is created)
retaining punctuation marks in the text of a TEI document Kevin Hawkins
(your idea here!) (your name here!)
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