July 11, 2016

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins (University of North Texas Libraries)
  • Andrew Rouner (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Paul Schaffner (University of Michigan)

Ticket Triage

Issue 5

Paul agreed to review Kevin's proposed changes to the prose.

Issue 24

Paul said that in this experience event names are even more slippery than personal names. He's reminded of the tricky distinction made in cataloging between an organization and its meeting.

Andrew recalled discussion of tagging of events many years ago and will see if he can find it to share with the group.

Issue 25

Having not heard any more from Stuart, we agreed to close the issue.

Issue 9

Everyone agreed with the proposal. Andrew agreed to try to implement, seeking help from Kevin if necessary, by the September meeting.

Issue 13

Kevin will ask his colleague if he'd be interested in helping with this.

Issue 27

Kevin said that we might allow OCR coordinates at Levels 1 and 2, but Paul said it would probably make sense to allow them at all levels. Kevin then agreed, noting that an interface might display page images with even higher levels of encoding, and you might want to allow highlighting of search results in these page images.

We agreed that we'd like to see this, and we agreed that it would be best to ask Stefan to submit a pull request with the specifics.

Issue 36

Paul agreed to summarize the options before us.

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