June 2006 Training SIG Meeting Minutes

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Training SIG Victoria June 06 (Return to SIG:Education)

1. Participants introduced themselves and talked about what brings them to this SIG.

2. Werner Wegstein mentioned that when his students parsed some of the examples in the guidelines they do not parse

3. A question was raised as to what, if anything, came of the idea of certifying trainers and courses and listing this information on the site.

4. Following this a question also came up as to if the TEI lists current courses on its site. Susan Schreibman suggested that rather than having this as an edited document in XML on the TEI site, that the Education SIG use the TEI Wiki facility and allow members to list courses being offered. Ideas for the Wiki:

  • Differentiate past courses from current courses
  • Courses should be listed in reverse chronological order
  • Allow anybody to post information about courses on the wiki as opposed to being editorially controlled

5. There was a general discussion of teaching practice and methods. It was agreed that the most successful courses allow:

  • Students to see their work displayed in a human-friendly format;
  • That course work should be packaged so that students could work at home in same environment as in training.

6. A question was asked if the TEI would be developing P5 training and documentation

7. In a discussion of free TEI editing tools, it was noted that JEdit can be used; there is a personal edition of XML Spy.

8. It was noted that there is a need to gather best practice from different projects and make it available in one place. There was also great interest in TEI by Example

9. A suggestion was made of foregrounding training/teaching on the TEI site

Submitted by S. Schlitz on behalf of Susan Schreibman

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