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Kernow 1.6 is an open-source GUI and high-level API for the Saxon XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema processor. It was written by Andrew Welch and uses Java 1.6 (= Java 6). Kernow 1.8 offers 100 runs for free, and then a license needs to be bought. Closed source, distributed via Sourceforge, runs on Java 1.7.


(from the project web page:)

  • it uses compiled stylesheets, multiple threads and caching resolvers to make the transforms run efficiently, and combo boxes that persist between runs
  • it is runnable from Ant allowing it to slot into your build process, and it's a high level API for Saxon making it very easy to run transforms from your own Java applications.
  • you can run it via Java Net Start straight from Sourceforge (no need for manual downloads)
  • it can also be used to test the performance of your transforms
  • it supports XQuery (see the relevant info)
  • it can be used to validate directories of XML with W3C XML Schemas, using either Xerces, Saxon-SA or any JAXP schema processor

User commentary

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System requirements

  • Java; Version 6 for the free distribution (Kernow 1.6), ver. 7 for the paid Kernow 1.8.

Source code and licensing

Open source.

Support for TEI

It supports any well-formed XML, including TEI XML.


  • Written in Java
  • Interface: English, German, French
  • Docs: English


Documentation is provided in the form of a FAQ list at the project homepage.

Tech support

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User community

Sample implementations

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Current version number and date of release (2014-02-16)

History of versions

  • 1.6.1b2 (2008-08-13)

How to download or buy

Available at The free version has to be downloaded from the "Source" tab, the paid version is distributed under the "Files" tab.

Additional notes

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