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The 9th meeting of the LingSIG, Tokyo, Sep 11th, 2018, 10:45, Room B 2,3 (See the overall SIG meeting schedule.)

Topic: the limits of the TEI and how to push them


Some specialized fields/applications need specialized formats, take Math ML or vector graphics. But the substance of text-oriented studies is by its nature open to linguistic description, even if the results are only used as an auxiliary device to aid searches or literary concordancing.

Is there a point where we should let go and put the TEI aside in favour of specialized linguistic formats? Are there specialized linguistic formats that render the TEI useless? Or can their special features be recast in our familiar vocabulary?

Much depends on the data to be described, and within recent years, we have seen the TEI extended to successfully describe the transcription of spoken language (now a new ISO/TEI published standard) or to handle computer-mediated communication (cf. the progress done in the CMC SIG). At the upcoming meeting, we are going to look at yet another set of linguistic experimental data and confront the question of how naturally it can be handled by the current TEI devices. Apart from that, several recent advances, both accomplished and planned, will be reviewed. As always, we welcome not only linguists but anyone who brushes against language-related issues in their TEI work (which is to say: everyone is welcome, do come over to learn and share!)


The meeting is going to begin with a presentation by Sophie Repp (University of Cologne, Germany) entitled "Towards an annotation scheme for acceptability judgment data".

Other issues on our traditionally somewhat loose agenda include a sneak peek at the presentation given later on the same day, a potential future ISO/TEI initiative on standardizing lightweight annotation, a ghost of an ancient war haunting att.lexicographic (think `@norm` and `@orig` attributes as the point where we may be politely asked to abandon the TEI wagon), and whatever the group will wish to talk about.


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