LingSIG in Victoria, Nov 2017

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The 8th LingSIG meeting. Victoria, BC., (Tuesday, 14 Nov, 13:45 UTC-8 = 22:45 CET)


Convenors: Piotr Bański and Andreas Witt (possibly remotely)


The LingSIG met to sum up the past year (spent with a focus on lexical/content description). Stefan Pernes and Piotr Bański presented reports on the progress on, respectively, the concept-oriented side (in the context of ISO TC37 SC3 = TBX serialization in the TEI and the return of the terminology chapter), and on the form-oriented side (in the context of ISO TC37 SC4 -- revision of the LMF and its serialization in the TEI; the ENeL/Parthenos/Dariah initiative on creating baseline encoding for retrodigitized dictionaries called TEI Lex0).

Afterwards, Piotr has presented the ecology of the LingSIG space on GitHub and the mechanics open now for the members to aid in the development of the Guidelines and of the TEI outreach towards the language-resource circles.

We talked about plans for the coming year (the SIG will continue and is hoping for support from the Council; this also extends to the possible space on Jenkins servers, especially if the current maintainers, Martin and Peter, will not be able to accommodate the LingSIG input). We also fully supported Peter Stadler's idea of having designated Council liaisons for SIGs.

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