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The 7th meeting of the LingSIG is going to take place in Vienna, before the TEI Conference and Members' Meeting 2016, on September 27th, between the coffee break and the lunch break, which means 11 am. -- 12 pm.. If you think that this is too short, fear not: this "general meeting" is going to be followed by a half-day workshop. We're meeting in Theatersaal (Theatre hall).

Preliminary agenda

One of the aims of the meeting will be a presentation of a New Work Item at ISO Technical Committee 37 SC4, informally known as "ISO TEIger", a new joint TEI-ISO cooperation on preparing a TEI serialization of the ISO model for syntactic description (ISO 24615-1:2014 Language resource management -- Syntactic annotation framework (SynAF) -- Part 1: Syntactic model).

The agenda is open for proposals from the community.


The meeting is going to be followed by a workshop on "Lexical information in the TEI: modelling and markup". The workshop is free for conference participants but registration (via Conftool) is mandatory.


[this is a copy of the report send to the Chair of the TEI Technical Council for the purpose of being presented at the "Business Meeting"]

The LingSIG had a business meeting on Tuesday [27 September 2016], with an update from the conveners on the ISO work done in connection with the TEI.

This meeting was followed by a workshop (the second LingSIG workshop after the "Querying the TEI" event held in Rome in 2013) co-organised by Piotr Bański, Charly Mörth, Laurent Romary and Andreas Witt, and devoted to modelling and description of lexical resources. The talks covered the history of lexical (and terminological) description in the TEI, selected current use cases and the "future", understood mostly in connection with the upcoming update of ISO LMF (Lexical Markup Framework) and its serialization in the TEI, as well as with the effort of extending and consolidating the expert pool coming from various directions (TEI, DARIAH, CLARIN, COST ENeL).

The second part of the workshop included a lengthy discussion (continued well beyond the initially declared time constraints) chaired by Laurent Romary. One of the outcomes immediately relevant to the SIG was the decision that for the coming year, LingSIG is going to work with a special focus: lexical/concept description. We envision a series of hands-on meetings that should result in several proposals submitted to the Council.

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