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MS-SIG 2008 meeting Agenda

  1. Greetings and introductions
  2. Group work Modern MSS - Medieval MSS - Topic for the discussion:
    1. The TEI modules that concern manuscripts, that are:
      1. MS description
      2. Critical apparatus
      3. Representation of Primary Sources
    2. P5 novelties: in which way they solve issues not covered by P4?
    3. What is still missing?
    4. What is misleading or incorrectly stated in the prose description of P5 Guidelines?
    5. Diplomatic/pseudo-facsimilar edition as a case study: do we have everything we need?
    6. Corrections/additions/substitution vs. critical apparatus.
    7. Enhancement proposals
  3. Plenary discussion, groups report
  4. Enhancement proposals: list and priorities
  5. Work volunteering
  6. What will happen after the meeting?
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