MS SIG meeting, Rome, 3 October 2013

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  • Marjorie Burghart
  • Marina Buzzoni
  • Peter Dängeli
  • Matthew James Driscoll
  • Doug Emery
  • Franz Fischer
  • Patrik Granholm
  • Paolo Monella
  • Patrick Sahle
  • Martina Semlak
  • Roberto Rosselli Del Turco
  • [add more names]
  • Gerrit Brüning and
  • Dot Porter as convenors

Issues discussed

  • Visualisation of the collation (in the sense of the <collation> element)
  • Absence of features
  • Writing system declaration in <charDecl>
  • Critical apparatus
  • (Genetic editing)


GB and DP present visualisations of collation as they are currently developed in their projects. Both are based on SVG. In the Faustedition (GB) however, specifically designed custom elements are used to represent the sheets and leaves, whereas DP uses <formula>. There is a general interest in the visualisation of binding structures, see the description of the research project of Alberto Campagnolo.

MJD complains about the impossibility to record the absence of a feature (e.g., a watermark) in an explicit and machine-readable way. The participants agree that a way should be found to encode the absence of features in the <msDesc>. How this could be done remains an open question. n="0" is considered abusive.

PM repeats key points of his paper “A Saussurean approach to graphemes declaration in charDecl for manuscripts encoding”. There is agreement in principle, but it is disputed wether using an “a” in transcription means pointing to an xml:id="a" in the <charDecl>.

MBur outlines the problems and shortcomings that led to the first workgroup to issue recommendations for the Critical Apparatus chapter. The individual points of the “Critical_Apparatus_Workgroup” page are discussed. MBur stresses the lack of tools as a further problem. The participants agree that all points are still significant. However, clear ways out of the current situation are not yet in sight. The following participants are willing to cooperate in a new workgroup:

  • Roberto Rosselli Del Turco
  • Fede Meschini
  • Franz Fischer
  • Federico Boschetti
  • Hugh Cayless
  • Tim Finney
  • Peter Robinson

No new chair has yet been found.

GB, PD and MS will explore problems of “document-focussed” transcription, i.e. the application of the elements introduced in the new version of chapter 11 of the TEI guidelines. A TEI wiki page with use cases, possible feature requests, links to projects using the new model, bibliographic references etc. will be started.

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