March 6, 2017

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins (University of North Texas Libraries) (KH)
  • Andrew Rouner (Washington University Libraries) (AR)
  • Elli Mylonas (Brown University Library) (EM)
  • Syd Bauman (Northeastern University) (SB)
  • James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries) (JG)

Ticket Triage

Issue #45

  • Mylonas assigned
  • If added to all numbered <div>’s, needs to be an attribute class
  • Asking Bauman
  • Adding att class in lib.header
  • Note in header...want it to be inherited by other ODD’s
  • <div>s can be members of/inherit using this class
  • Hawkins: Main driver ODD instead? And just inherited?
  • Bauman: Would be happy to create lib.common
  • Mylonas: Does it have a spec.?
  • Bauman: Getting the spec out of it before processing it is hard
  • Hawkins: Common would label things
  • Bauman: We already have things like this in header
  • Mylonas: Schematron has rules: don't apply here to the header, want to be inherited by everything else. Should this be a class? Otherwise just repeat
  • Bauman: Would need to be repeated at least 21 times?
  • Mylonas: Decided to make an attr class. Will be with in lib.header.odd
  • Bauman: Name?
  • att.bptl.divstype. It's specific to <div> types. Trust Bauman's judgement for the name

Issue #53

  • New issue regarding transcriptional omissions
  • Created by Bauman 2 weeks ago
  • 3.2 Regarding prose is confusing...some ambiguity
  • <samplingDecl> elements
  • Make the appropriate adjustments in the ODD's and header table
  • Mylonas: <samplingDecl> takes <ab> and

  • Hawkins: Follow the practices for other elements with prose within the them.
  • <editorialDecl> also takes <p>'s
  • <projectDesc> also uses <p>'s
  • Use <p> again for consistency
  • Separate issue for using <ab>'s instead of <p>'s?
  • Bauman: <p> would be useful...paragraph of prose. <ab> doesn't require an entire sentence
  • Hawkins: Suggests that we remain with <p>
  • Prose statement should be the recommendation for the content of the <p>'s
  • Probably should constrain the spec. for this
  • Uncertain if the other header elements are similarly constrained
  • (Rouner had to drop off)

Issue #3

  • Hawkins assigned. No progress since last month

Issue #42

  • Hawkins assigned. No progress

Issue #51

  • Mylonas created the ticket
  • Not clear what the purpose is
  • Hawkins investigated
  • Started as a list of all attributes which could be used within text
  • Mylonas: Should remove this issue
  • Hawkins: Agrees, ODD's have been modified appropriately
  • Bauman: Agrees
  • Hawkins: Renumber appendices as needed
  • Mylonas will address

Issue #37

  • (Related to #2)
  • Bauman: Created an issue for TEI Technical Council. Nobody responded, many might not care.
  • TEI documentation elements are invalid in TEI schematron reporters
  • Must wait on the Council
  • Hawkins: Will delay until feedback is received.
  • Mylonas: Will update the label to "postponed".

Issue #7

  • Assigned to Hawkins. No progress

Issue #9

  • Assigned to Bauman
  • Bauman: Started this some time ago. You can see my latest HTML output of the whole BPTL at: . Look within this for the <editorialDecl> usage
  • There are points marked in red "?? SHOULD THIS BE HERE ??". These flags indicate that there are discussion points
  • Hawkins: Leave the question marks. Will consult with a cataloger colleague for the MARC field references
  • Bauman: Don't do interpretative markup any longer
  • Hawkins: Can remove
  • Bauman: Also, <interpretation>, <segmentation>, <stdVals>: does anyone use these?
  • Mylonas: Agrees, at most <segmentation> would only be in Level 5
  • Hawkins: This is the row for <editorialDecl>. Discuss specific elements in the rows below, and remove the bulleted items.
  • Bauman has added new rows; hence, some of those bullets are no longer valid
  • Last two bulleted items should be removed

Issue #13

  • Hawkins will propose to meet with the cataloger since the cataloger is unfamiliar with the TEI.

Issue #47

  • Mylonas: Left this for last after finishing #45.

CSS for the BPTL

  • (No GitHub Issue Reference)
  • Bauman: Still addressing CSS for default rendition of elements. Consequence of updates to the TEI
  • Hawkins: Did the HTML output get hacked at some point? Regardless, needs to be fixed in the source

Issue #36

  • Mylonas: Responded on the issue. Recommended some changes
  • Hawkins: Can move forward based on these comments.

Issue #14

  • Hawkins: No progress

Issue #17

  • Bauman: Schema code has been written. Prose is also finished. Schema processing doesn't handle these updates gracefully. Prefers that processing of ODD offers a limited number of options depending upon the encoding level. Will update the Issue on GitHub. Can release without fixing this in pure ODD. oXygen parses the ODD and should offer the appropriate list of values in a dropdown.
  • Hawkins: Should add a comment indicating that it doesn't work in pure ODD processing.
  • Close the Issue as resolved

Issue #10

  • Assigned to Bauman and Rouner. Rouner couldn't fix sound issues. Bauman fixed the schema. Will leave to Rouner to finish
  • Bauman: <langKnowledge> or <langKnown> should be in there. Believes that these shouldn't be there, but didn't reference the notes
  • Rouner will decide whether or not these should be removed

Issue #11

  • Assigned to Bauman. Uncertain as to what should be implemented
  • Mylonas: Adding it to Levels 1 and 2.
  • Bauman: Level 1 doesn't have a <note> element (?)
  • Hawkins: Confirms that it doesn't
  • Level 2 also does not have a <note>
  • Bauman: <note> is found in Level 2
  • Hawkins: Not mentioned in the table of elements
  • Bauman: Level 2: permits <note>'s everywhere. They are also in for Level 1
  • Hawkins: People might want XML comments or processing instructions (as opposed to <note>'s). No change to make on @sameAs. Discovered <note> is erroneously allowed for Levels 1 and 2. Recommends that Bauman remove this
  • Bauman: It looks as if this was purposely done when originally implemented
  • Hawkins: <note> is definitely permitted in the header. It must be constrained from being used on the body in Levels 1 and 2

Issue #12

  • (Blocked by #52)
  • Decided what is to be implemented
  • Unassigned
  • ___ proposes that this be delayed until the next call
  • Mylonas: Big header table does indicate what is required
  • Hawkins: Proposes to focus first upon #52
  • Work related to modal expressions work is quite complex

Issue #16

  • Mylonas: Not really an ODD question. Focuses upon best practices (requires prose)
  • Hawkins: Warns of complexity. Example: encoding issues of serials using Level 2. Treating a whole volume using <div1> or <div> or each volume. Searching for authors within the structure of the <div>'s. Might need some extra elements.

Scheduling for the Next Meeting

  • April 3rd, 2017 13:00 GMT-4

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