BPTL Workgroup Minutes March 7, 2016

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  • Kevin Hawkins (KH)
  • Stefanie Gehrke (SG)
  • Elli Mylonas (EM)
  • James Griffin (JG)
  • Peter Gorman (PG)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)

  1. KH: Any questions about previous minutes? - None to speak of.
  2. EM makes google doc
  3. JG: What is the relationship between this SIG and the ontology SIG? KH points out it’s not really the same, as Ontology are more concerned with formal ontologies such as CIDOC-CRM.
  4. Version numbering: EM asked that we are fine with using “3.0.0” instead of “3.0”. All agreed, so she will make a release with tag v. 3.0.0. [DONE]
  5. Start to work through issues (discussion is summarized in the minutes, but it's best to see the issue itself for full discussion) Also the Issue Triage Page BP_revision_ticket_triage
    1. Issue 19: The workgroup waits for feedback from Michelle Dalmau [Who contacts her? - or assume she is watching the issue?]
    2. Issue 20: Change level 3 display examples to make them simpler and clearer. All agree with Kevin’s suggestions, assigned to EM.
    3. Issue 22: Text edit. Easy fix, seems like mistake, assigned to JG
    4. Issue 29: It would be very useful, especially for libraries, if we could provide information on how to use only the header component of the schema with another schema/application. SG noted that she found a document referring to header elements recommended for use in TEI Simple. MM agreed to investigate use of header in TEI Simple.
      1. If we are going to explain how to incorporate ODD of the Libraries header into another ODD, then this may also apply to incorporating other bits.This leads us down the path of creating tutorials on editing the ODD. It is wiser to just deal with the header as that is the most likely part of the ODD to be re-purposed. Furthermore, this is a lot of work for a hypothetical use.
      2. KH drafts text that addresses this, and EM works with Syd Bauman to add the ODD specific issue. This would be incorporated into the TEI in Libraries web page.
    5. Issue 3: Recommend use of @style instead of @rend . The group approves, assigned to PG.
    6. Issue 4: Clarify representation of milestones. JG said that he prefers a solution in which meaningful typography or other symbols are encoded as content, not attribute values or tagging. SG said it would be nice to have sample encodings of “TEI in Libraries” in TEI-C as well. (clarify this sentence?) Is it possible to use <pc> instead? MM will post to TEI-L. EM suggests some research on the part of all of us on this since it’s been raised on TEI-L before. KH also points out that in General, BPTL tries to give clear direction, not too many choices. TODO: MM post query to TEI-L.
  6. EM to write up minutes, post on wiki.
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