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present: Hilde Bøe, Fotis Jannidis, Federico Meschini, Malte Rehbein, Elena Pierazzo, Justin Tonra, Ellen Nessheim Wiger. Discussion led by Elena, minutes by Fotis [I forgot to take down the names of all present, so please add yours in case I missed it.]

4 groups of problems:

  1. textual alterations etc.
  2. time
  3. grouping changes
  4. a coordinate system for relation of different witnesses
  5. expressing of the interpretation of sequences
  6. Uncertainty


I textual alteration

Addition, deletion, transposition, clarification, substition (should allow for cases like stylisitic rewriting and total rewriting, looser way), restoration, overwriting, immediate/instant correction, functional mark (marked as used, printer marks, later scribe marks), gap for a planned insertion (which has been filled or not)

Here are Hilde Bøe's slides with examples from Henrik Ibsen's manuscripts: http://www.emunch.no/tei-mm-2008/index_ms.html

II. Time

Should note: Sequence and Timeline (calender) Not all elements of the text can be attributed exactly to one sequence or nt at all Only some some elements can be dated exactly Sequences are not monolinear, but can branch etc. It should be possible to make implicit sequences explicit

Sentences become agramatical by corrections; marking the level of correction where this becomes necessary

We have to allow editors to choose what elements they want to choose

Sequence / time information should be kept on an own level as standoff markup

III. grouping changes on a page

On a document revision text stage -

on a macro level grouping textblocks

IV. a coordinate system for relation of different witnesses

There is the need to choose an coordinate reference, ether by using the last version or another text or an abstract model of the text. The model should make it possible to reference all text elements (verses, lines, sentences…)

V. expressing of the interpretation of sequences

Free text, typified arguments should also be possible

VI. Uncertainty

Adding to the exisitng TEI-schema Add rankings: this is the most probable way (or more probable than 2 or 3 etc) Add relations: this constellation is more probably than that constellation.


  1. Proposal for money for the workshop
  2. Meeting in Oxford with James / or Sebastian in Oxford (January would be possible)
  3. Fotis puts minutes on the wiki, links to a google doc
  4. Malte organizes dates for skype conferences
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