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Main objectives

Most important thing to investigate on was whether the module msDesc could be used for non-medieval non-codex manuscript or non-manuscript material or has to be extended. Possible materials include (but are not limited to)

  • printed material
  • text-bearing-object made of something other than parchment (tombstone, statue, bell, curse tablet)

Comment ts:

  • If should take into consideration to invent alternative, i.e. parallel, elements with this extended substructure.
  • If we think about printed books, we have to consider the FRBR view on books, i.e. the separation of work, expression, manifestation and item.
This problem became evidend when I had to tell whether the msDesc is sufficient for a research project which investigates on the transmission of a certain text in print: 
* They want to express something about "the" (ideal) text. (Work)
* Next the different editions of the text have to be compared, the differences have to be recorded. (Manifestation)
* The specialities of the exemplar have to be described. (Item)
This might apply even to other levels, e.g. scripts, letter-forms etc.
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