November 14, 2016

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  • Kevin S. Hawkins
  • Elli Mylonas
  • Syd Bauman

Ticket triage

Issue 21

Elli explained her question. We agreed that we just need to rewrite the section on hyphenation in the BPTL document to specify using <pc> with @force and an appropriate milestone element when you want to indicate hyphenation. (Still assigned to Elli.)

Issue 43

Syd agreed with the proposed change. He said he would implement once he merges his branch (containing various pending changes) with the main branch.

Issue 45

After discussion, we decided to offer a list of suggested values for `@type` on div elements in the BPTL. The list would include all values found in P5 (see links in issue), plus the values found in the Women Writers Project documentation. These should be included both in the ODD and addressed in the prose of the BPTL. Elli agreed to start this.

Issue 3

Kevin volunteered to nudge Peter to see if he's willing to complete this issue.

Issue 4

After discussion, we agreed to go with Kevin's original suggestion. Elli agreed to implement.

Issue 24

We pondered whether to create `<eventName>` in the BPTL customization or to propose use of `<name type="event">`. Syd found an actual use of `<name type="event">` in an example in P5, so given that precedent, Kevin suggested we use that in the BPTL. This will require revising the prose of Level 4 to say something like the following:

For names of entities other than persons, organizations, and places, use `<name>` with a `type` attribute containing an appropriate value, such as "event" for the name of an event.

Assigned to Kevin.

Issue 2

Syd said he would implement this as part of a planned merge, which would bring it to version 2.9.0. He said that we'll need to go to version 3.0.0 as well once that is released.

Issue 9

Kevin reported that Andrew Rouner has asked for this to be reassigned to someone else. Syd agreed to take this on.

Issue 38

Syd said he would implement this as part of a planned merge.

Issue 14

Syd/Elli agreed to review Kevin's proposed prose.

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